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Merchant Square - Plastic Ocean Festival

Our latest event was a huge success with documentary screenings and SUP 'Paddle & Pick' sessions. During the four clean-up sessions volunteers helped to remove 1038 pieces of litter from the canal!

Thank you everyone for attending, especially some of our partners! Check out our Gallery for more pictures.

The top 10 items of litter collected yesterday (click to enlarge):

Our litter survey results continue to show that plastic food wrappers are the dominant find in the Grand Union Canal. 

Billboard SUP launch

The team were delighted to take part in the awesome Bill Bailey's Billboard SUP launch this week. 

Billboard SUP - Born on the River Thames.

"We all started paddle boarding, on the Thames in London and absolutely loved it! The boards we were using were either unstable or really slow. We wanted a board that could hold all the gear for the great adventures we had in mind, and yet be stable and fast, but could not find the right board. One day we spoke about making our own board. And so the idea of Billboard SUP was born."

- Bill Bailey, The Calm Paddler

Paul Bill

Second event & litter survey results

We had over 50 brilliant people take part in three SUP Paddle & Pick sessions at our second event. The evening ended with a screening of the award-winning surf adventure documentary about following the dream, Nordfor Sola / North of the Sun.

We counted and categorised the litter collected at this event: altogether, 760 pieces of litter were removed from the canal over the three Paddle & Picks from Paddington Basin to Little Venice.

The top 10 items of litter collected today (click to enlarge):